About the Site

This is a personal project website that is maintained purely for fun, written by the person whose picture you'll see below. My day-to-day activities tend to focus on 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, video, web, tech, and illustration. But occasionally I get into unrelated side projects like tiling a patio, sewing a costume, or cooking something new; nonsense, also known as applesauce.

Anie, looking at the camera, wearing headphones making a heart shape with her hands.

Anie Miles

Motion Graphics Artist & Illustrator

Hello World! My name is Anie, I am a full-time motion graphics artist, part-time instructor, and freelance illustrator. I am an internet enthusiast and a fan of many geeky, awesome things.

Contact Me...

Please get in touch if you have questions about, or would like to use, any of the materials posted on this site - thanks!